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Polypropylene Containers in many colorsRound Hinged-Lid Container Stocked in clear only. See colo More...

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Clear Laboratory Grade ContainersFDA Compliant Clarified Polypropylene Laboratory Grade More...

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Micro Vial small containersMicro Sized Vials molded from clarified polypropylene available in 22 sizes!

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Lab grade vials available in conductive, static dissipative, and polyethelene plasticsStandard Grade Vials
Lab Grade Vials
Conductive Vials
Static Dissipative
Neutron Activation
Analysis Vials

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Squeezetops Philips RX
Squeezetop RX containersAttached Lid Containers with unique Squeezetop closure More...

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hang tab containers for point of purchase usesNucons Point of Purchase Packaging
Two-piece low-profile design with hang tabs for hanging

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ESD electro static dissipative ContainersElectro Static Dissipative (ESD) Plastic Containers for safety and protection of static sensitive devices and materials.

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Flexatop Small Plastic BoxesSquare Small Plastic Boxes available in various sizes with an attached lid More...

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Rigid Boxes
Anti Static and ESD containersSquare Rigid Hinge Boxes Available in Anti-Static (clear blue tint) or ESD black conductive.

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Meiho Containers
Meiho ContainersMulti-Compartment containers with inserts and dividers for storing and organizing.

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Meiho Rectangle
Meiho RectangleMulti-Compartment containers with inserts and dividers for storing and organizing.

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Meiho Round Stackers
Meiho Round StackersStackable Polycarbonate plastic compartments screw together for space saving storage.

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Child resistant buckets
Child Resistant BucketsEasy to use, safe child latch packaging/storage system. Screw top lid with an air tight seal to store food products.

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Wide Mouth Packer Bottles
Wide mount packaer bottlesHDPE Plastic packer bottles with push and turn Child resistant tops.

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Child Resistant Straight Jars
Child Resistant Straight JarsXL Opaque HDPE Plastic Jars with foam liner inside the child resistant lids

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Paint strip containers for arts and craftsConnected Paint and Craft Containers for Art Kits and Paint by Number sets

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Seashell Containers
Seashell Containers for cosmetics and craftsUniquely Shaped Containers for Craft or Cosmetics Packaging. Available in three sizes.

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Plastic Zip Bags
Medical & Industrial BagsMinigrip Zip Bags Multiple Sizes More...

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Push and Turn Vials
Push and Turn Pharmacy VialsPush and Turn classic pharmacy style child resistant vials

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Reversible Lid Vials
Reversible Lid VialsVials with reversible child resistant / non-child resistant lids available in amber, blue, and green PP

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Pharmacy Vials
Pharmacy Vials and Containers for medicationPlastic vials with child resistant caps for pharmacy packaging of medications, drugs, and natural supplements

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Thornton Vials
Thornton Polystyrene VialsCrystal Clear Polystyrene Vials
with Polyethylene Snap-Cap.

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Glass Vials and Jars
Glass Jars Vials Miron Violet 

GlasA clear choice for displaying high quality items. Glass Jars and Vials with lids available in many sizes More...


Plastic and Jars with Lids
Plastic and metal jarsOur plastic and metal jars ship assembled with lids already screwed onto the containers.

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Packaging Accessories
Packaging AccessoriesTamper-evident Shrink Bands
Foam Inserts
Blank Labels

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Pharmacy & Apothecary
Medication Organizer Medication Compliance products and packaging. Cosmetics supplies and packaging products.

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Clearance SALE!
Clearance Sale ContainersBefore you buy, check out our Clearance Sale area for special limited quantity deals!

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