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ESD Containers

Electrostatic Dissipative Plastic Containers

ESD Packaging from Lacontainer features various Static Dissipative, Conductive and Anti-Static Material Options. 
  • Conductive Polypropylene Containers Conductive Polypropylene Containers
    Our Conductive Polypropylene (PP-CAS) Material has a surface resistivity between 1×10^3 and 1×10^5 ohms/square inch. These conductive plastic containers are particularly useful in the pyrotechnic industry.
  • Static Dissipative Polypropylene Containers Static Dissipative Polypropylene Containers
    Our Static Dissipative Polypropylene (PP-BAS) Material has a surface resistivity between 1×10^8 and 1×10^11 ohms/square inch. This material is used in a wide variety of industries ranging from electronics to medical applications.
  • Pink AntiStatic Polypropylene Containers Pink AntiStatic Polypropylene Containers
    Our Anti-Static Polypropylene Material, such as ASP, will inhibit Triboelectric charging. This antistatic polyropylene material is useful for electronic components and laboratory sciences which require specialized antistatic environments.
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