Lacons™ small containers
Lacons™ small containers

Closing and Snipping Charge for containers

Price per Box:$8.000
Price per piece:$8.000
Total Price:$8.000
Closing and Snipping Charge for all Containers
Part Number: Secondary/Hinge & Close
Box Quantity: 100
Quantity Price
5400 - 9999 $0.080
10000 - 49999 $0.080
50000 - 99999 $0.080
100000+ $0.080
Add this fee to your order to cover the charge for snipping off the hinge and closing the lids. Standard charge is $80.00/M sold in 100 piece increments with a minimum order of 5400pcs. Select the correct quantity you need and add it to the cart. In order to expedite your order please make sure your quantities meet the requirements and match your ordered quantities. Orders with quantities that don't match and/or don't meet minimum requirements will not be processed until our customer service department is able to contact you.