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Conductive Anti Static Polypropylene

Conductive Anti Static (CAS) plastic containers, made with specialized polypropylene or durable ABS materials, have a surface resistivity between 104 to 106 ohms/square, with a static decay rate of charges on conductive vials between 5kV to 50V within 200 nanoseconds. Conductive Grade polymers prevent the sudden release of electricity between two objects known as Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Conductive ESD materials have no initial charge, and provides a path for any charges to pass through the material without building up internally caused mainly by Triboelectric charging, the transfer of electrons through friction between two objects’ surfaces. This is the most “metal-like” of the ESD plastics, in that it is the most fully conductive like metals.

In addition to being compliant with Federal Test Standard 101C Method 4046.1 for resistivity, this CAS material is FDA, REACH, RoHs compliant and has no latex or dry rubber added to the material from the manufacturer. CAS is achieved through the addition of carbon fiber or carbon powder to the polymers, creating a distinct black appearance.
made in USA
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