9x12 biodegradable zip bags
9x12 biodegradable zip bags

Greenline 9x12 Minigrip Poly Zip Bags 1000/Box

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Part Number: GREENLINE 9x12 BAGS MGBD2P0912
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Box Quantity: 1000
NEW GreenLine™ Reclosable Zipper Bags are ASTM D5511 tested to be biodegradable and offer the same great zip lock performance as traditional Minigrip Red Line™ Bags.
About "ASTM" 5511: Over the past decade, there has been increased focus on developing more earth-friendly, degradable products. Standards were developed to test the biodegradability of these products. Standard ASTM D5511 is a standard for testing and proving the biodegradation of plastic materials under anaerobic landfill conditions.
Every part of the bag is biodegradable - film material, zipper material - EVERYTHING.
Same great performance of a Red Line™ Bag - but biodegradable. Made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE).
Available in a range of sizes for use herbs
Ever wonder what happens to that poly bag when you throw it away? It will sit in a landfill for years before it starts to biodegrade if it does at all.
With Minigrip's® new Greenline™ bags you no longer have to worry. These bags will biodegrade 100 times faster than current life estimates for standard plastic bags in landfills. Minigrips® newest technology, contains an innovative bio-resin additive found to be biodegradable (ASTM D5511) in spite of harsh landfill conditions, thus drastically reducing the plastic's landfill life.

Item # Bag Film Gauge Bag Sizz" Pack Qty Case Qty
MGBD2P0202 2 MIL 2 x 2 100 1000
MGBD2P0203 2 MIL 2 x 3 100 1000
MGBD2P0304 2 MIL 3 x 4 100 1000
MGBD2P0406 2 MIL 4 x 6 100 1000
MGBD2P0507 2 MIL 5 x 7 100 1000
MGBD2P0609 2 MIL 6 x 9 100 1000
MGBD2P0912 2 MIL 9 x12 100 1000

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