Lacons® 150450-O Round Plastic Container (Loop Style Hinge)
Lacons® 150450-O Round Plastic Container (Loop Style Hinge)

Lacons® 150450-O Round Plastic Container (Loop Style Hinge) 1000/box

Price per Box:$338.000
Price per piece:$338.000
Total Price:$338.000

1.57"Dia. X 0.44"Ht.
1.41" Dia. X 0.36" Ht.

Part Number: 150450-O-1,000/Box
Box Quantity: 1000

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1000+ $0.338
The 150450 Lacons® container’s short thin design is appropriate for a number of electronic applications. Manufactured with RoHS compliant lab grade material, this container is great for safely storing electronic parts such as resistors or capacitors. ESd antistatic compliant electronic packaging is also available in a variety of our Lacons sizes.

This container features a loop style hinge that attaches the lid to the container. The loop style hinge is exactly what it sounds like, a loop style hinge instead of the standard flat hinges on most of our other containers. This loop in the hinge allows customers to attach a ball chain or lanyard to the container through the hinge so the container can be affixed to a person or sales rack.

Our Lacons series are also produced with the highest quality Class VI USP Medical Grade Polypropylene which allows for Autoclave Sterilization in the presence of Aqueous Solutions. Certifications, Regulatory Data Sheets, MSDS, and Drug Master File assistance is available upon request as we ensure and guarantee strict Material Lot Number traceability with each plastic container we produce.

**It is the responsibility of the Medical Device or Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to determine that our container packaging is safe, lawful, and technically suitable for its intended use. Samples available upon request for testing purposes and validation.

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