Lacons® 250950 Round Hinged-Lid Plastic ASP Container
Lacons® 250950 Round Hinged-Lid Plastic ASP Container

Lacons® 250950-ASP Anti Static Pink (ESD) Plastic Container 700/Box

Price per Box:$404.250
Price per piece:$404.250
Total Price:$404.250

2.52"Dia. X 0.95"Ht.
2.28" Dia. X 0.82" Ht.

Part Number: 250950-ASP-700/Box
Box Quantity: 700
Quantity Price
900 - 2999 $0.578
3000 - 4999 $0.474
5000 - 9999 $0.461
10000 - 24999 $0.449
25000 - 49999 $0.424
50000+ $0.408
Lacons® series plastic vials are produced with the highest quality pink Anti-Static polypropylene material, resulting in a container with a surface resistivity of 1 x 1010 to 9.9 x 1012 ohms per square while offering a high surface resistance to enable basic anti static charging of products contained within. Certifications, Regulatory Data Sheets, MSDS, and Drug Master File assistance is available upon request as we ensure and guarantee strict Material Lot Number traceability with each plastic container we produce.

The Lacons® 250950 hinged-lid design creates an air and moisture resistant container applicable in diverse industries including product packaging, workplace organization, lab supply or tool storage. This Anti-Static Pink plastic vial inhibits the buildup of potentially damaging electric charges that result from triboelectric friction, making it perfect as protective packaging during transport or storage. now has a huge selection of lacons containers with no minimums.

Lacons ASP containers in smaller quantities. now has a huge selection of lacons ASP containers with no minimums.

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