Made in USA, A rare phrase to hear in American consumerism. For those that forgot what Made in USA means, it refers to a product that is designed, manufactured and distributed in the United States. When this phrase is stamped on a product it comes with an unspoken promise. A promise that says this product is safe, clean, high quality and ethically made. This is a promise we here at LA Packaging take very seriously and have since we started creating American made containers in 1984.

lacontainer Building Plastic Manufacturer In USA

Our USA made plastic parts are made with the highest quality medical and lab grade polypropylene plastic. This high quality plastic ensures that our customers receive the best quality plastic container that is BPA and lead free, FDA, REACH and RoHS compliant, CA Prop 65 safe and will not leach out harmful chemicals. For more information on our high quality material, visit our Quality Control Page

This high quality material allows us to make the sturdiest hinged lid plastic containers possible. Thanks to the unique hinged lid design, our containers are moisture and air resistant and protect your items from outside contaminants.

USA Made Plastic Lacons Container

Something we offer that really cannot be done over seas is allowing our customers to customize their containers. We proudly offer over 30 different color options for our containers and offer custom hot stamping and labels so companies can brand their packaging with their logo or information.

Same day shipping is another benefit of manufacturing and distributing our containers in the USA. Our customers can order their in-stock items in the morning and have them shipped out by that afternoon, and that is something we are very proud of.

While creating high quality products is a very important part of being made in USA, the most important aspect to us is creating American jobs. With so much manufacturing moving over seas we think it is important to give hard working Americans the opportunity to work and that’s just what we are doing! We proudly employ over 30 employees and with your continued support of our company, we will continue to grow.

Our USA made plastic containers include the following:

For more information on our company or quality control procedures please visit our About Us Page. We thank you for supporting good, old fashioned, American made products and hope to continue doing business with you in the future. Happy shopping!