• All LA-CONS®, LA-VIALS®, LA-PODS® and POLYVIALS will be shipped opened and tumbled in a box, unless otherwise specified. Add $45.00/M for closing lids.

  • All containers are sold in full case count only. (See packaging information for details.)

  • Minimum order - 1,000 pieces or one full case.

  • Please specify color when ordering. Custom colors are available. Call for a quote.

  • Delivery of LA-CONS®, LA-VIALS®, LA-PODS® and POLYVIALS-stock to one week.

  • All orders are shipped out UPS, fob Reno, Nevada.

  • Payment terms - Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover

  • For International Orders placed outside of the United States, please email [email protected]