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Pharmacy Vials

Medical Grade Pharmacy Containers

Pharmacy vials offered from Lacontainer include the Child Resistant Squeezetops. and Child Resistant Wide Mouth Packer Bottles,
Other non child resistant options include the Thornton Vials,  and various Gamma Sterilizable container options.
  • SqueezeTops® Vials SqueezeTops® Vials
    Squeezetops® Vials are among the most unique plastic containers you will find. These round containers feature a squeeze to open lid design. Certified Child Resistant.
  • Wide Mouth Bottles Wide Mouth Bottles
    HDPE Plastic Wide Mouth Bottles (Also known as Packers, Pill and Vitamin Bottles, and Prescription Bottles). Keep kids out with certified child resistant tops. Large opening makes filling and dispensing pharmaceutical and medical products easier and more efficient.
  • Polystyrene Plastics Vials Polystyrene Plastics Vials
    Crystal Clear Polystyrene Vials with Polyethylene Snap-Cap. The clear choice when clarity is your biggest concern. Two piece design comes assembled in the box. White lid with clear cups, no other color choices available. Made in USA.
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