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Plastic Zip-Bags

UV, Anti-Static & Standard Plastic Zip Bags

  • Anti-Static Zippit® Bags Anti-Static Zippit® Bags
    Reclosable Bags that qualify as type II under MIL-B-81705b entitled barrier material, flexible and electrostatic free.
  • Minigrip Redline Bags Minigrip Redline Bags
    Reclosable Zipper Bags Manufactured with 100% FDA-approved virgin LDPE and LLDPE resins.
  •  UV Protection Bag UV Protection Bag
    Amber UV blocker protective bags with the Color Line™
  • Minigrip Greenline Bags Minigrip Greenline Bags
    Reclosable Zipper Bags are ASTM D5511 tested to be biodegradable and offer the same great zip lock performance as traditional Minigrip Red Line™ Bags
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