Polyvials EP2516-CAS Conductive Polypropylene Vial
Polyvials EP2516-CAS Conductive Polypropylene Vial

Polyvials EP2516-CAS Conductive ESD Small Lab Vials 350/Box

Price per Box:$467.950

1.89"Dia. X 1.89"Ht.
1.80" Dia. X 1.76" Ht.

Part Number: EP2516-CAS-350/Box
Box Quantity: 350

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3000 - 4999 $1.285
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10000 - 24999 $1.203
25000+ $1.137
Polyvials™ series plastic vials are manufactured in the USA with permanent ESD Conductive Anti-Stat (CAS) material that has a surface resistivity of less than 1 x 106 ohms per square, with a static decay rate of 5kV to 50V, in less than 2 seconds.

With no initial charge, Conductive Anti-Static (CAS) containers are ideal for use storing items sensitive to electric charges, such as flammable or explosive materials. In contrast to other ESD materials such as BAS which ‘dissipates’ static build up slowly, CAS material ‘conducts’ any charges with which it makes contact.

As a permanent anti-static material, the EP2510-CAS Conductive Anti-Stat container is suitable as electrostatic discharge (ESD) packaging for long term storage or for short term static protection during the transport or shipping processes. This REACH and RoHS Compliant ESD container can be used in medical industries, pyrotechnic industries, or for any use case that requires improved heat transfer and the conductance of charges which make contact with the container.

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