At LA Container, we believe there is nothing more important than the quality of our products. It is the responsibility of all those involved in the manufacturing process to achieve these lofty quality standards we have set for our company. We are following ISO 9002 quality guidelines in all aspects of our manufacturing process so our customers know they are getting a quality product every time they order. We will continue to develop, implement, and audit all facets of the manufacturing process to meet the highest quality requirement of our valued customers.

Over our more than 30 years in business, we have gained invaluable experience working with the companies that require the strictest quality procedures, including the medical, dental, lab, military, aerospace, automotive and industrial industries.

Some of the ISO 9002 standards we adhere to and provide include:

  • Material Lot Number Traceability
  • Drug Master File (DMF) Approval
  • Sampling / Batch Records Control
  • Quality Control Inspections and Logs
  • Approved Supplier Surveys / Lists
  • RMA, CAR & TAR Reports
  • Process Control Validations
  • Machine and Equipment Calibration Records
  • On Site Audits
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

For a full detailing of our Quality Procedures, please contact [email protected]