At LAContainer we believe that quality is the responsibility of all those involved in the manufacturing process and are following ISO 9002 quality guidelines. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality control, with eventual ISO Certification coming in 2016. Prior to this ISO certification we will continue to develop, implement, and audit all facets of the manufacturing process to meet the highest quality requirement of our valued customers. Over the years, we have experience in the following industries that requires the highest quality standards and regulation control.

Airlines/Aerospace/Military Contractors:
         - We have supplied over 20 years of molded parts and adhered to the high
            quality tolerances that are required for airlines and defense contractors.
              • These include: First Articles, Calibration Control, Lean Manufacturing
                 Process (4S), Audits, etc. 

         - This industry has strict quality standards that must be met. We have
            extensive first hand knowledge and experience in the following:
             • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
             • Annual field audits of facility and records insuring our ISO9002 Compliance
             • Material lot traceability and records data retention (7+ Years)
             • Blue Print Revisions
             • Quality Inspections

         - With some of our plastic containers and other plastic parts being used in various medical
            industries, strict quality measures must be met. Some Medical quality standards met include:
            • Numerous audits that are conducted over the past decade
            • Drug Master File (DMF) Approval Process
            • Assisting with CE Mark Certification process
            • Process Control Validations
            • Sampling and Batch Records Control
            • Approved Supplier Lists
            • Current Good Manufacturing Practice for medical products that
               are used for both human and veterinarian uses