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Round Containers

Hinged-Lid & Two-Piece Plastic Containers and Vials

Round containers include the: Lacons, Lavials, Microvials, Polyvials, Squeezetops, Nucons, Statcons, Lapods, Shell-cons & Discons container families

made in USA
  • Discons<sup>®</sup> Discons®
    Hinged Plastic CD/DVD Cases, Available with or without notebook/binder tab.

  • Lacons <sup>®</sup> Lacons ®
    Round plastic containers with hinged-lid design. Stocked colors vary by part. All container sizes are available in clear with options for white, black, and many transparent colors. Made in USA with food and medical grade polypropylene.
  • Lapods<sup>®</sup> Lapods®
    Connected paint containers for paint kits and glass or plastic beads storage. Tight sealing lid perfect for most paints.

  • Lavials <sup>®</sup> Lavials ®
    Lavials® round plastic vials are made from lab grade, FDA compliant clarified plastic. The hinged-lid design of our vials is air and moisture resistant. Made in USA.
  • Microvials™ Microvials™
    Microvials® Micro sized vials molded from FDA compliant polypropylene. Snap cap hinged lid with inner seal to keep out moisture in over 22 sizes to choose from! Stocked in clear polypropylene.
  • Nucons<sup>™</sup> Nucons
    Point of purchase packaging available with and without hang tabs. Flush side profile allows easy application of safety seal labeling great for tamper protection. Also available with holes in the lids.
  • Polyvials® Polyvials®
    Laboratory Grade vials and ESD vials available in any of six distinct materials for your specific use requirements. These include medical grade Polypropylene, Lab Grade Polyethylene, Conductive Anti-Static, Blue Static Dissipative, Gamma Sterilizable and Neutron Activation Analysis.
  • Shell-Cons<sup>™</sup> Shell-Cons
    Unique Sea Shell shaped novelty polypropylene containers with our standard snap shut hinged lid design. Available in three sizes. Made in USA from food grade polypropylene plastic. Great for samples or homemade products.
  • Statcons Statcons
    Two Piece ESD (Electro Static Dissipative) Plastic Containers made from high quality conductive, static dissipative or medical grade standard polypropylene. Statcons feature a detachable lid and come in 5 different sizes and are made in the USA
  • Squeezetops<sup>®</sup> Squeezetops®
    Squeezetop hinged lid containers available in UV resistant colors or clear food grade polypropylene. Good for medications and food supplements. Excellent choice for anything that need child resistant packaging.
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