We, at LAContainer, know it is our duty as an American plastic company to be as environmentally conscious as possible. This is why, aside from creating recyclable American made containers, we also make sure our materials required for the manufacturing process are dealt with responsibly in the following ways:

Plastic Resin/Colorants

  • Regulatory Compliance
    • We use plastic resins that are all REACH (2002/525/EC) and RoHS(2011/65/EC) complaint. This means that our plastic containers do not contain any of the Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) or Heavy Metals. This is important because if our containers do end up in the landfill they will not leach out the potentially harmful chemicals as stated on the SVHC list.
    • We adhere to the following regulations when we decide on our plastic.
    • Cal Prop 65
    • Lead Free
    • BPA Free
  • Purgings/Sprues/Non-Compliant Parts
    •  As a result of the manufacturing process, there can be some non-useable parts such as: Sprues, which are connections from the nozzle to the tool, and some plastic purgings that are created during color changeovers. Rather than toss our scrap materials and sprues in the trash, these plastic waste pieces are sent to a local plastic scrap manufacturer to be reused.
  • Cardboard & Cardboard Boxes
    •  Cardboard boxes are recycled at a local cardboard recycler. Starting from the front administrative office, down to shipping and receiving, we make a concerted company wide effort to recycle all boxes instead of discarding in the landfills.
  • Wood & Wooden Pallets
    • Many materials and other items are sent to us on wooden pallets so they are constantly stacking up. Instead of throwing these away we reuse them to store our stock parts or for other purposes around the shop.
    • Occasionally, we do accumulate random sized pallets, which are picked up by a pallet recycler and ultimately used by other manufacturers and shippers.
  • Environmental Laws
    • We strictly adhere to and follow all applicable state and federal environmental guidelines and restrictions. These include the Storm Water Pollution Program (SWPP) and The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to name a few. Annually required testing and field audits are conducted by local and state officials to ensure the compliance with environmental laws.
  • Operations
    •  We operate our facility in an environmentally responsible manner by using the following devices, machines and technology.
      • Electronic Molding Machines
        • The use of electronic molding machines eliminates the use of hydraulic oils from the manufacturing process, which reduces any waste oil.
      • Chiller Water System
        • This provides us with a closed loop water system with our molding process to protect and reduce water use at LA Container. This alone can save thousands of gallons of water per year.
      • Lights, Machines, Computers and all other electronics are shut down when not in use to further help conserve energy.

While we do what we can to help our planet, we simply cannot do it alone. This is why we ask for the help of our customers in our ‘Keep It Green” mission! Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Don’t Litter!
    •  Isn’t it frustrating enjoying a day in the park or at the beach and you see trash or a plastic item carelessly littered about? We think so! This is why we encourage everyone to find a recycling bin, instead of just throwing your plastic recyclables on the ground.
  • Recycle!
    • Look for the recycling logo on the bottom of the containers and dispose of it at the properly recycling facility in your local area. Our polypropylene conforms to the European Commission Directive and its amendments on packaging and packaging waste. These products are recyclable according to the recycle code 5.
  • Reuse It!
    • Have a container you used and now find it empty and just sitting there? How about reusing it? Depending on the original contents, wash it out and find a new purpose for the container. Use it as a coin holder for your car or to hold your vitamins when you travel. If you have an extra plastic container we know you can find a use for it in your home, workplace or vehicle. Send us a picture of your reused container on Facebook (www.facebook.com/lacontainer) to have the chance to be a featured customer. Check out our website for numerous recommendations for ways to reuse your plastic containers.
  • Get Involved!
    • Volunteer for a park or beach clean up or simply pick up a piece of trash you see while going for your daily walk. Sadly, we all often see plastic containers or water bottles just thrown on the ground. Be a hero, pick up that glass, plastic or metal item and recycle it!

As technology improves, LA Container will continue to improve and be on the forefront of all improvement options for our material and processing.