3X5 UV Zip Bags
3X5 UV Zip Bags

UV Guard® UV Protection Bag
3X5 poly zip bags 1000 pack

Price per Box:$38.990
Price per piece:$38.990
Total Price:$38.990
Part Number: MGUV3P0305
Box Quantity: 1000
Quantity Price
1000 - 4000 $0.039
5000 - 9000 $0.037
10000+ $0.036
When protection from ultraviolet rays is the diagnosis, pharmacists and healthcare workers put their trust (and their medications) in our amber UV blocker protective bags with the Color Line™. Manufacturers take comfort in knowing the integrity of their critical light-sensitive products won't be compromised during testing, shipping and storage.

Why do customers prefer Lab Guard® UV Protection pharmaceutical bags?
Premium zipper that opens quickly and easily.
Film contains UV blocker to prevents bag contents from deterioration.
Complies with USP XXII and USP XXIII procedure 66.1 with light transmission not exceeding 10% at any wavelength from 290nm to 450nm.
Amber color makes identification of light-sensitive contents easy. Available in convenient dispenser bag (where available).

BagFilm Gauge Bag Size Pack Qty Case Qty
3 MIL 2 x 3 100 1000
3 MIL 3 x 5 100 1000
3 MIL 4 x 6 100 1000
3 MIL 5 x 8 100 1000
3 MIL 6 x 8 100 1000

•Reinforced zipper •FDA Approved •tight grip closing •reclosable zipper •UV protection